Could it Soon be Game over for the Fortnite Craze?

The popular “Fortnite” game’s survival is in question. Lately, there’s been a buzz about the video game losing its sheen among its target school-age children. Published by Epic Games, the game grew popular after it was released last year. The game is available for free and had scored pretty well in collecting its revenue from players paying in the form of goodies. The free “battle royale” version of the title urges players to plead for weapons while beginning to fight for their survival.

How it became so popular?

Originally launched in 2011, Fortnite became popular overnight. The game was accessible on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Mac in July 2017 and ever since has been conquering the world. Spreading like wildfire, the game became a rave with its appropriate trimming of hitting the screens and earned gross revenue of nearly $126 million in February 2018.

Reportedly, in July, the revenue from the game dipped causing much concern among analysts about the future of the game. The game which dominated the video games’ market for months started losing it footing with players having to shell out money for a few so-called cosmetic changes to the game. This drew much flak from the industry as critics pointed out the unnecessary changes made to the game for pulling in revenue. The production house also invested millions in such video game competitions to reinforce its popularity.

Fortnite in the Asian market

The instant popularity of Fortnite was attributed by its availability across most major devices including consoles and well as smartphones and tablets. The game was first launched on iOS devices and subsequently made available to all Android users as well. This made it gain a large user base in Asia. With video games and online casino games popular across China, the country witnessed a large number of people pre-register as smartphone players. Fortnite is a hit across Chinese players and seems to attract more people contributing to its popularity.

In fact, most of the Chinese population resort to video games on smartphones. Popular online casinos such as offer fascinating casino games accessible on mobile devices seamlessly. Variety is the key to online gaming and several experts believe that Fortnite needs to come up with greater variants to survive in the competitive market. As suggested by industry veterans, Fortnite needs to take cues from successful providers to retain its position in the gaming world. Some believe that a new version of the game might not be as helpful as ‘royale’ version already exists as a second one out there.

The battle continues

As pointed out by some experts, the latest version of Fortnite is most likely to roll on at least for a year as long as it has the royale wave going. The royale mode of the game is yet to achieve its pinnacle popularity among players worldwide. However, some predict the possibility of competitors coming up with better concepts and innovations in the multiplayer game mode category.