Melodifestivalen: The Irresistible Allure of Sweden’s Biggest Pop Competition

It might seem totally incredible, but the biggest pop competition on the globe is yearly held not in the US but in Sweden and is called the Melodifestivalen. Also known as “Mello” or “Melfest” it lasts for a totally gruelling six weeks and is a search of sorts for the entry that will represent the Swedish people at the one and only Eurovision Song Contest.

The culmination of the search, with around half of the citizenry tuning in to the grand finale. The cyberspace and Twitter especially are chock-full of hashtags, tweets, gif’s and such like that either seek to promote one competitor over the other or provide a way for fans of the show to both have fun and let off steam.

Melodifestivalen features the glitz of such top shows like the X Factor but differs in such notable ways as the total lack of adverts, silly sob stories, or cover versions that make your ears bleed. It is a music competition in the strictest sense of the word, where pop is worshipped and the usual panel of judges full of gremlins with razor-sharp tongues are thankfully absent.

Unsurprisingly, unlike most of the other talent shows, the talent here is spectacular and if you care to tune in you are bound to be frantically filling up your playlist with most of the songs the contestants came up with. With such outstanding quality, the contest has garnered an enviable fan base that stretches across most of the globe.

The contest has also been much improved lately by the addition of excellent streaming options and the wholehearted support of the LGBTQ+ community across the globe. The latter has incidentally been quite vocal in their support on the social media scene.

Melodifestivalen showcases the best of Scandinavia to the world, is produced to a world class standard, enlivened by funny scripts and audio that’s good enough to make the angels weep. The show can be accessed by anyone anywhere. All that’s needed is a rock-solid internet connection, a bucket of chicken wings and another bucket to collect the tears of joy that your tear ducts will be busy churning out, as wave after wave of performers sings their hearts and souls out.

Among the performers tipped to walk away with the top prizes are Margaret, who could be another Rihanna. Then there’s Samir & Viktor, as well as Rolandz. With the latter being a parody dance band of all things that glitzy, classy and bent on making your ribs throb from an overdose of laughter!

Regardless of the sort of music you prefer, Melfest has everything for all tastes. Think of it as a buffet of fabulous proportions where you can take a pick of the delish dishes that appeal to you and gorge yourself on their sinfully sweet goodness.

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