Seven Bizarre Swedish Academic Traditions

Planning to pursue higher education in Sweden? Here are a few common academic traditions that all foreign aspirants should know about.

1. Punctuality is well-known among Swedes. However, it may stun you to know that resident students of the country usually arrive 15 minutes late for their lectures in the University. Referred to as an ‘academic quarter’, this tradition dates back to the time when students reported to classes upon hearing the church bells ring as that was the typical method of timekeeping. Despite the technical advancement, the tradition continues.

2. Now you might question how Swedes are known to be punctual with this one. Been invited to an evening party, the tradition is to arrive half an hour late. The practice came into play with the practical reason of allowing students to change into their formal evening attire as the academic quarter would get extended to a double one in the evenings. The academic quarter stands abolished as on date but students at the Uppsala University continue observing the tradition.

3. Many university campuses across Sweden allow students to yell out their lungs to release the exam pressure. So, next time you feel anxious before appearing for a paper, you can rightfully scream from your balconies and roofs to get rid of the impounding stress.

4. Organizing informal dinners on Thursdays where student societies serve the traditional yellow pea soup, pancakes and a popular university beverage is a tradition well preserved.

5. So the beverage mentioned above is known as the ‘punsch’ and to have it you might have to sing along. There is a song that goes with wine, beer and even with plain water. It’s time you brush up your vocal skills! All these songs are usually sung after the three-course sit down meals before a ballroom dance night.

6. Uppsala and Lund are the oldest student societies referred to as ‘nations’ in the region and in the past students were meant to join either of these named after their own birth province. However, in recent times there have been some changes with these now defined based on political interests and so on with most of these catering to students with their cafes and helping them organize dinners and musical events.

7. Prepping up for the summer exams, the Swedes celebrate bonfire parties every year on the 30th of April. With champagne for breakfasts and dinners, students enjoy splashing it more than in their glasses. Students line up to watch the water raft race where fellow students participate and subsequently gather in the park to enjoy music and dance.

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